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divine_squids's Journal

Divine Squid
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place where I share my doujinshis
(the ones I bought and scanned or scanlated, not the ones I drew of course ^_^')

Fandoms: Drrr!! (3), Final Fantasy (1), Gintama (11), Ghost in the Shell (1), Gundam 00 (1), Hetalia (5), Inazuma Eleven (1), Naruto (9), One Piece (1), Persona (1), Sengoku Basara (12), Sengoku Musou/Orochi etc. (7), Superman/Batman etc. (5), Tiger & Bunny (4), Togainu no Chi (8), Tokimeki Memorial (1), various (2).
Favorite artist: Izumi Yakumo /gd mechano /griotte (20)
Genres: yaoi, general, serious, gag.
Rules and info: Link: below. In short: be nice, have fun, DON'T REDISTRIBUTE the stuff under "Members only" lock.
Access: Some materials are for members only. Please, read the rules to join. SCANLATIONS are mostly public and they can be shared or reposted but on condition you'll credit Divine Squids as a source and keep the credit page inside. You'll find details about sharing policy at the end of each post.

RULES: here! please, read before joining!


What got caught in divine tentacles ;D :

Second catch: XD

And so on:

Still more:

My name is lilydescend. It all began one day when I found myself surrounded by piles of Gintama doujinshis and no Gintama fans around me. So I created this community to share them with you. ^_^ The piles keep growing, and it's not only Gintama anymore. ;D
The name of the comm is pretty random, but it was obviously inspired by the picture you can see at the top of this page. :P
routes . codes .


Profile codes: by layout_lounge <3 (customized by me. In original it looks much better ^^')
Code on Rules and Info page: by layering <3
Journal layout: by hikkie_heaven <3
Header picture: I took it from a poster to the 2nd edition of Film Music Festival which is held in my town (Cracow) every year.
I used only a part of the picture, but the whole design was even more crazy (unfortunately I don't know the artist behind it). But to think my town is giving money for something like this is kind of amazing... XD