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Rules and info

Divine Squids
☇ place where I share my doujinshis.
(which are yaoi doujinshis mostly)

Before you join
R E A D this post
, please.


If you want to join, read this post

(carefully through the end)
and follow the instructions. Thanks! :)


1. RULES [Edited: 12.12.2016)

1. No redistributing material locked for members only.

If you agree to join this comm, you have to promise you won't share the doujinshis I scanned and posted here under members-only lock (that mean posts visible for members only). Don't repost them to other comms, sharing sites like aarinfantasy, on-line readers etc. Don't share links to them. Don't reupload on your own. Don't use them for making graphics or vids. Don't post on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter , picture galleries etc.

1b. You MAY redistribute UN-locked material but with credit.

You may share or repost doujinshis posted in open entries - unlocked and visible to everyone. But you have to credit Divine Squids as the source and keep the credit page within the folder intact.

This rule applies mostly to the doujinshi scanlations I did, which I generally post in open entries.

2. Contents.

As I mentioned, doujinshis I share here are mostly yaoi, some general, some gag, but yeah, it's mostly boys on boys action ;P. If you have problem with it, this isn't a community for you ^_^.

I mostly post RAW scans. Those few scanlations I did are posted in open entries, so if you look for English versions only, there's no need to join.

Since some of the books you'll find here might be quite explict, you should be at least 18 years old to join.

3. No inactive journals.

If you have a new or inactive account (meaning very few comments posted, journal never updated etc.), I most probably won't accept your request to join. Sorry.

4. Fandoms.

"Gintama". ^_^
The fandom it all started with. ^^ For pretty random reasons my OTP became Sakamoto x Takasugi, so you'll find here some SakaTaka, but also other stuff involving Sakamoto or Takasugi. Plus some Joui stories.
EDIT: Sadly, when the anime was put on break, I slowly drifted away from the fandom and haven't posted any Gintama books in a while. But it's still one of my favourite series, so I'm bound to go back to it one day. ^^

"Naruto" is a fandom I've actually quitted already, but I still have quite a lot doujinshi left and I'm going to post here some of them. The main pairing for this fandom is Kakuzu x Hidan. But since I like pretty pictures, I have in my collection other stuff too, books I bought only for the sake of art. :P

"Togainu no chi" - only 'bad guys', meaning Kiriwar and Gunji. <3

"Sengoku Basara" - never played it, only watched the anime (which I find excellently made but rather silly ;)). Lots of guys there and lots of various pairings possible.

"Sengoku Musou"/"Samurai Warriors". Random game fandom that reminded me about one of the most talented doujinkas - Izumi Yakumo (gd mechano) (and added some of the most amazing books to my collection *_*).

Various. Lately I started to pick up books from many various fandoms, so I often don't even know who is who in them. Basicly, I grab whatever catches my eye - so you'll find here some Hetalia, Final Fantasy, some Superman/Batman doujinshis, and more.

You can find the actual list of the fandoms with the number of books scanned on the profile page, here.

5. Posting.

Don't expect weekly updates or regular posts. Scanning and editing takes a lot of time and I don't have it that much... So. I post when I'm in the mood :P.

EDIT (2019): These days I'm on permanent hiatus, so this community is more like an archive rather than an active group. You're still welcome to join though, and I love comments as much as I used to. ^_^


Everyone loves them (even squids, I'm sure XD). So if you have something to say, want to discuss fandoms or doujinshis, find here something you like (or not) and wish to let me know, don't hesitate! :D

7. Scanlating.

If by any chance you'd like to scanlate some of these doujinshis, contact me and we'll talk about it. But I'm generally all for it. :)


That would be it.
If you still want to join, click "join this community" AND comment to this post saying you read the rules, which books you can't share and that you're over 18 (you can skip the last step, if your age is listed on your LJ profile. ^_^).
Of course you can say something more, like how you got here, or what fandoms you're interested in, but be sure your comment contains the points I listed above. ^_^

I should add you within a day or two, or more, if I'm busy ^^ (unless I won't :P. I'm sorry, but I might not accept some requests to join for that reason or another, for example, when I discover that you're 12 years old or something).

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