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Kakuzu x Hidan by SHOOWA

Another "Naruto" doujinshi. This time my OTP for this fandom: Kakuzu x Hidan.
I've been collecting doujinshis with this pairing for a while, and this one is definitely one of the best I've read. And one of the very few where Hidan is really 'in character' (meaning, not a girlish, cute, blushing uke most of doujinkas tend to make him -_-').

What makes this book even more worth attention is the author, one of my favourite yaoi writers: SHOOWA.

The book consists of two stories - first one, I didn't scan it, is a total crack (the main title acctually refers to that part - it's written in "Engrish" on the cover if you're curious ^_^' (but I'd skip it XD)). The second one is a well written, angsty, bitter story, with a very moving ending. As I said, Hidan seems really like himself here, that is an insolent, annoying brat.
Highly recommanded to any KakuHi fan.


Don't be mislead, this isn't a sweet, peaceful story.

Title: Hymne à l'amour (a bit pretentious, contrary to the story)
Artist/Circle: SHOOWA/Yamamoto Harem
Pairing: Kakuzu x Hidan
Genre/Rating: yaoi, angst, R18.

EDIT (03.2014): The book was scanlated by the lovely magnet_dance from neptise community. Thank you so much! <3

Download - Mediafire
Password: stpaul

RAW scan:
Download - Mediafire
Password: lemongrass

As usual please, don't share the book outside this comm, don't use for graphics, do not post on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter etc. Thanks! ^^

p.s. there's a really nice pic of Karin with Suigetsu at the end. Don't miss it! :D

Tags: kakuzu x hidan, naruto, r18, scanlation, yaoi
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