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Squids change their sharing policy ;D

Hi people! :) It's been a LONG time, right?

I just wanted to make a little announcement. Times change and I decided Divine Squids should change a little too.

The change applies to the SHARING POLICY. In short: most of the SCANLATIONS I posted here MAY now BE SHARED outside this community. You can repost them anywhere you want, on condition you keep the CREDIT PAGE intact and credit Divine Squids as a source.

This rule applies to everything that is posted publicly, stuff available for members only (posts where there is a little padlock on the left side of the post's title - that means most of my RAW scans) is still not to be shared elsewhere (for now at least ^^).

I edited most of the posts in question - so you can find updated details about sharing policy at the end of each post.

If you'd like to share scanlations that were a result of cooperation (someone else is a translator), you should contact the translator about it.
That doesn't apply to "Depth of the underskin" by GD Mechano and "Home sweet home" where translation was a commissioned work, so you can safely share those two.

That's it for the serious stuff. ^^ I know I neglected this community horribly, but don't think I've given up on it! :) In fact, I'm working on a scanlation right now - something I translated a few years ago, but never finished somehow. In the meantime... it got scanlated by somebody else. ^_^; So yeah, it'll be an old news, but at least my version of it. ;D

Also for Christmas I have a tiny, totally random gift: two pics I found in some forgotten folder on my PC. They come from "Sore Ore" anthology if I remember correctly and I actually colored them myself over 9 years ago (as you see my skills were rather basic XD)! I think I did it for a Christmas gift for someone (I had a mug made with them :)).

As I said: random, but it's silly and merry, and with little stars, plus sheep and other livestock fit Christmas well. XD
So Merry (and milky XD White! no snow here yet :/) Christmas/Happy Holiday to everyone! :D
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