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Hello everyone! :D

Long time no see!

Remember this picture?

It's time for the book it comes from, "Giga".

The actual cover

Sadly, the story isn't as exciting as the cover would suggest. ^^' The book is another ancient release, coming from 2001!

It's actually a compilation with stories written by a few artists, but as usual I only scanlated the parts by Yakumo Izumi who orchestrated the whole thing (but to be honsest the rest wasn't very good anyway).


Izumi wrote that it was supposed to be a "Jounins book", but it ended up as "Asuma book", and the main story is about Asuma and Kakashi.

But the volume opens with another story, or a scene rather, only three pages long, which would be a good beginning to an actual "Jounins book". I really liked that little piece.


Both stories are pretty short, but I had a hell of a problem translating them. It started at the very beginning with a weird preface, which doesn't seem to fit in with any of the stories at all. I spent many hours trying to figure it out, but to this day I have no idea what's it all about, or who is actually a narrator there. It's written slightly differently than the rest of the book, not as colloquial, more like "written language" with a few obsolete grammatic forms thrown inbetween. Anyway I have no clue what it's really supposed to mean, but it surely makes the book more pretentious. -_-

I thought maybe the author left some tips in the info section, so I translated it which I normally never do (author's messages are often... well, not very coherent, plus often written in handwriting in which I'm NOT fluent, ha ha :/). And so I learnt something about Japanese cigarettes, dramas and popculture from the '90-ties, but nothing about the mysterious preface, plus spent some lovely time contemplating Japanese love to random use of English -_-' (リスペクトロンバケ - it took me a while to figure that one out ^^') 

The Asuma-Kakashi story is supposed to be a continuation of a book issued a year earlier, called "Mega-death" (but the author encourages reading it as a separate story), so maybe there are some clues there explaining the strange beginning. I don't really like that prequel, so I didn't read into it, but perhaps I should... If you have any idea how to solve this riddle, please, let me know. ^^


To sum up, the AsuKaka story certainly isn't the best one by this author, I liked the mood in the first one much more. This book has its years and you can feel it. To me it actually feels "retro", also in the way it's written, the narration, the whole idea - it's all pretty chaotic, the story doesn't seem to be well thought out. I don't know how old Izumi was when she wrote it, but it brings to mind a fanfic wrote by a rather young person. ^^' Everything is dark, angsty and slightly pretentious. ^^

Perhaps I should also warn you - there are fragments in this book which may seem gross to you, and no, I don't mean some extreme kinks or something. ^^'

Another thing - old book means old, browned paper. I didn't clean the scans to be all white to save this "feel of an old book". ^^


What saves this book for me is:
- the art,
- the first story,
- the pic of Asuma and Kakshi smoking,
- plus a nice picture of Jounins at the beginning, sort of group photo (which didn't come out too good on scan though :/)

So, not among the best of Izumi's works, but still worth checking out, if only to see how her style and story-telling have evolved over the years.
Of course it should have value for AsuKaka fans (rare breed I guess ^_^). This pair has a specific dynamics here, far from love, not so close to friendship too, certainly not your typical steamy romance. Let me say that in other Izumi's early books this "tough love" gets even tougher... But I like how Asuma is so manly and down-to-earth here, and Kakashi bratty and whimsical.

Also with the winter coming (today I saw my first snow this season!), it may be nice to be reminded that you can suffer in summer too. ;D

And last (and probably least ;) - a message from Izumi at the end of the book, which is as incoherent as I presumed, but that chaos is somehow adorable, and in the end it was quite a fun to translate and read that Izumi's blabbing. :D


And for the end, let's digress. ^^'

Even though I'm not crazy about this book, it was able to achieve one thing - made me nostalgic. ^_^ No wonder, it's so old, going back to the beginnings of "Naruto" fandom (they talk about chuunin exams here! :D). But there is also another, more random reason. "Comfort me" - a line Kakashi utters at one point reminded me of another place I read it.
Anyone here remembers a yaoi manga "Silence"? It was a story which practically started with these words. ^^ They published it in chapters in "Hertz" magazine years ago and I used to love it! It was about those two guys, friends who somehow become "friends with benefits" and then lovers, and then it turns out it wasn't really like that and then the manga got discontinued (that hurt). ;) I'm not really sure why I liked that story so much, I can't even swear that it was all that good, but I read a lot of yaoi mangas back then and there are few I think of so warmly to this day. I guess it was really "my type of story" - friendship turning into something more, and silence between two people who can't be honest about their feelings... Mm, loved it!

So hey, how about a little head count? Honk if you remember that old story! :D "Silence" from "Hertz"? Anyone?

(reply: .........silence.... XD Yeah, I won't be surprised if it turns out I'm the only one still thinking about that old thing. And so my series of "Old books no-one cares about anymore" goes on and on... ;D)

And on this, completely urelated note, let me end this post before I stray off topic even further. ^^'

As usual I'd love to hear what YOU think of the book!

Title: Giga
Artist/Circle:GD Jack/Izumi Yakumo
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Asuma, Kakashi
Genre/Rating: serious, yaoi, R-15?

Download - Mediafire

You may share and repost this book but you have to credit Divine Squids as a source (a link to this community would be nice :) and keep the credit page inside the folder intact. Thank you! Password: comfort_me

Tags: gd mechano, may share but credit please, naruto, yaoi
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