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Kyuugou Fan Day! (BOGUS celebration post ;D)


First, let me warn you that "BOGUS" is the key word in the title of this post. ^^

Let's start with the cause for celebration which is kind of... yes, bogus, since it's relevant only locally and something I guess only a few people could care about. But still I'm one of them, so there you go. Today is my Kyuugou Fan day, because I've just got the third volume of "Acid Town" in my mother tongue!
It may seem to you like nothing big, but BL market in my country is super-tiny, I don't think there is more than 10 titles issued, so if one of them happens to be by my favourite artist, well, that is something! But since it's a strictly local occassion, let me make a little announcement in Polish:

Hej, ludzie! Kyuugou wyszła po polsku!! :DD
Ci, których to obchodzi, pewnie wiedzą od dawna, ale może ktoś przegapił - "Acid Town", oryginalna seria jednej z najbardziej utalentowanych autorek doujinshi, od początku tego roku wychodzi w naszym pięknym kraju!

Jeśli Kyuugou nie znacie, to czas nadrobić zaległości, bo pani rysuje tak:

a jej doujinshi to mistrzostwo świata (polecam serię, którą zrobiła dla Gintamy, ale wszystkie są świetne).
W Acid Town wątki BL nie są może na pierwszym miejscu, ale są, historia wciągająca, z mnóstwem ciekawych postaci i zwrotów akcji, a całość rewelacyjnie narysowana i jednak zdecydowanie dla dorosłych.

Kupujcie, bo warto przeczytać i warto wspierać artystkę takiego formatu, zwłaszcza jeśli można to zrobić za nasze rodzime polskie złotówki! :D (na przykład w Gildii , ale jest też masa innych miesjc, gdzie można to zrobić)

Ok, I'm done. Anyway, I hope they won't drop this project in the middle (although it doesn't seem like it because the fourth volume is supposed to be out in September!).

The way I chose to celebrate this happy occassion is bogus too, because it's a tiny, little piece from an old Sengoku Basara anthology which I scanned a long time ago, but somehow never posted here (but I did at a SB community, so you may have seen it). It's ultra-short, has practically no plot and is completely worksafe, and I guess that's the reason why it hasn't been scanlated to this day ;P (at least to my knowledge).

But still - it's Kyuugou! And you can see it right away - the Maeda boys appearing in this story have that 'Kyuugou boy' look which is so characteristic. ^^ I love it how all the guys in her books look somewhat similar as if they were related and Keiji here could easily pass as a brother of Gin-san or Yuki from "Acid Town". ;D

So as a celebration of three volumes of "Acid Town" in Polish you get five pages of Keiji and Toshiie Maeda in English... Yaay... As I said - bogus. :P

(but this story reminded me how I liked Keiji in SB...^^)

Actually the only thing which isn't a joke in this post is my festive mood - holding a book by one of my favorite BL authors issued in my own country is a great satisfaction. And it wasn't so long ago when I thought I'd never be able to read a yaoi manga in Polish... ^_^

Title: Unconditional surrender
Artist/Circle: Kyuugou
Fandom: Sengoku Basara
Characters: Maeda Keiji, Maeda Toshiie
Genre/Rating: gag, worksafe (except maybe for the picture in the author's note?)

Download - Mediafire

You may share and repost this book but you have to credit Divine Squids as a source (a link to this community would be nice :) and keep the credit page inside the folder intact. Thank you! ^^ Password: nudist

Tags: basara, gag, kyuugou, may share but credit please, scanlation
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