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Hello, sailor! ;D


Hey, people! :D

How are you this summer? I've actually been at the seaside this year (my first real vacations in a LONG while!)! Short, but I had so much fun!

The best thing was something I found about by chance, from someone on the train when I was on the way to the place: a tall ship festival! I only caught one day of it but it was absolutely amazing! *__* (and all those handsome sailors in their uniforms were the cherry on the cake ;D)

It's all kind of off-topic, since the book I bring today isn't about sailors or tough life on the sea (unfortunately I don't have any "One Piece" book ready at the moment ;). But there seem to be some vacations on the horizon here, so let's say it's all linked. ^^;

It's the second book for NCIS:LA I scanlated after "Numb" and I must say I really like it. Probably because I still haven't watched the series. ;)

This time the story is written from Sam's point of view and the plot is much more developed than in "Numb". That may make it less intense but it's still a really nice story, with some interesting psychological insights.

Hm... Somehow I don't have much to say about it, except the fact that I like it. So this time it's your turn to do the talking! ;D As usual I'd love to hear what you think of the book!

Title: Just around the next corner
Artist/Circle: Griotte/Izumi Yakumo
Fandom: NCIS:LA
Characters: Sam, G (plus other people from the series)
Genre/Rating: serious, yaoi, R18

Download - Mediafire

You may share and repost this book but you have to credit Divine Squids as a source (a link to this community would be nice :) and keep the credit page inside the folder intact. Thank you! ^^ Password: vacation
Tags: griotte, izumi yakumo, may share but credit please, ncis:la, r18, scanlation, yaoi
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