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Old news or a long overdue update ^^' (KakuHi)


As the title says today nothing new, just a VERY belated update. Remember Kakuzu & Hidan, the infamous 'Zombie-Combi' from "Naruto"? And how about two books I posted a long, long time ago?

Well, in the meantime they got scanlated (last year actually ^^') by magnet_dance from neptise community. Thank you so much, dear! <3

Anyway, I guess most of people interested in this fandom probably got to these scanlations long time ago, but in case someone's missed them, they're here too now. ^^'

You'll find download links and more info in the original posts:

"Red rain" by Rauhreif
"Hymne a l'amour" by Shoowa
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