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Today a light, short story. After all the drama in the last book I did, it was really refreshing to work on something like this. Plus it’s so short it took me only a few days. ^^


It’s one of Izumi’s older books, from the times when she called her circle GD Jack.
And it kind of feels old, it’s from 2001, even before I’d started watching Naruto. ^^
Reading this book really takes me back, it’s obviously set very early in the series, when they all were just a bunch of kids with their jounins. We don’t get to see the kids here, but Asuma mentions they’re in the mid of their exams. And, yeah, it’s another book by Izumi with an unpopular pairing: Asuma & Kakashi.

It’s a very simple story, lovely casual with a bitter-sweet taste. Or bitter-bitter-sweet? - there are allusions here to Kakashi’s darker side as an ANBU. Anyway this book makes me really nostalgic. Around the times this book refers to I think Kakashi was one of my favorite characters. And he looks so young on the cover! ^^

But there is also something in the mood of the story, even the title - “Cigarette, rain, doze & flannel” – sounds a bit old-fashioned, like a good title for a bad fanfiction. ;) But there is rain and dozing off here, the story goes slowly, in no particular direction. The whole thing feels so delightfully retro, like something that really happened a long time ago.

Like the fact that they keep smoking almost throughout the whole book. ^^ Personally, I hate smoking, but well, let’s say it, in 2D it’s much less bothering than in real life. ^^ Plus a cigarette in the mouth is kind of Asuma’s trademark, but I think there is more to it.

I’ve been rereading lately some other of Izumi’s early Naruto books and it’s like they all keep chain-smoking in them (in one of the stories she even made Asuma go through a whole sex scene without losing a cig! Well, Asuma was kind of a bad guy there and the scene was awful anyway, but it wasn’t very appealing…). Anyway that also seems to be a sign of the old times when smoking was still cool. Plus I think the author simply likes to draw her characters smoking (and is or was a smoker herself ^^). Look, here is a pic from one of her other stories from that time:

Apropos those other stories, Izumi actually wrote quite a few Kakashi books, even before this one, but most of them are very dark, really depressing. This one is different, very peaceful and casual, kind of cute too. It’s a bit similar to the other book with this duo I posted a while ago, “Bed time eyes” (I have to get back to it too).^^


By the way but off the topic: the picture above reminded me of another one I saw lately:

Now that makes me feel nostalgic! ^^ You know “Cowboy Bebop” is my all time favorite anime and I never read a doujinshi for this series? Oh, well, the original is so awesome that I guess I never felt a need to look for something more… But now that I think of it, I wouldn’t mind finding something nice…
Actually the picture above would look perfect as a doujinshi cover. ;D So let me ask a tentative question: do you happen to know any decent Bebop doujinshis? As I said, I’m not really looking for anything specific, but I wouldn’t mind finding something. ;)


And for the end a general request: I started this community because in real life I don’t have anyone I could share my passion for doujinshis with (and maybe it’s better this way ^^’). And it all works great, you guys are awesome, but it’s all kind of a one-direction thing.
I mean, I would LOVE to hear something from you once in a while. We all know I talk way too much about books I post, but I would love to hear what you think of them. Don’t get me wrong, all those “Thank you” comments make me happy and I’m glad you appreciate my efforts, but if you really want to make my day – read the book and write what you think ! (I mean of course scanlations not raws) ^^ Just a few words would beenough, like “Loved it!” or “It sucked” or you can blab like me for five paragraphs if you want. ;)
You know, it’s like when I go to the movies with my friend and after the movie we compare impressions: ‘Ah, that was so awesome when they…’ ‘And that moment was so cute!’ ‘But the ending was bullshit’ and so on. ^^ I miss something like that here. I know it’s not really a standard procedure in this kind of communities, I did it too – you find something nice, say thank you, download, read and move on. But then some of you don’t, some of you take your time to go back and share your opinion and those comments make me overjoyed and the whole thing worth paying for the tickets. ;D
As I said it’s a general request, not just about this specific doujinshi. Anyway, it’s all up to you and it’s not an obligation in any way. But it’s something that would make me really happy. ^^

p.s. The paper the book was printed on is grey and thin and well, you can feel the book is old in the scans too – I cleaned them only just so. ;D

Title: nel. (Cigarette, rain, doze and flannel)
Artist/Circle: Izumi Yakumo/GD Jack
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Asuma, Kakashi
Genre/Rating: soft yaoi

Download – Mediafire

You may share and repost this book but you have to credit Divine Squids as a source (a link to this community would be nice :) and keep the credit page inside the folder intact. Thank you!^^ Password: smoke

Tags: gd mechano, izumi yakumo, may share but credit please, naruto, scanlation, yaoi
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