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And now a book I'm much more excited about then the previous one.

First of all it's a doujinshi by my favourite aritst - Izumi Yakumo. And it's a new book, released this year!

As you may or may not know, after a few years of silence she came back to writing doujinshis. And it's a great comeback, a real explosion of creativity which brought 8 fresh new, gorgeous books! *____* (<-- that's how I looked in May, when I found out about it XD)

This is one of them. Very fresh, released this September. Short enough for my third rate translation skills, so it's a scanlation.

As happened so often with this artist, she chose a fandom I knew nothing about: NCIS:LA.

I never saw the series and to be honest I'm really glad I didn't. Maybe it's weird, but I don't feel very comfortable reading doujinshis for shows or movies with real actors. I know they're playing fictional characters, but those characters wear the faces of real people. And I'm not sure if those people would be very pleased, if they saw a character with their face and body used in a gay porn, which yaoi doujinshi so often is in fact... -_-'

But Izumi doesn't seem to have problem with that. Anyway, I'm happy I don't watch that series, because otherwise reading this doujinshi would be very hard for me.

So I don't watch NCIS:LA, or any series like that, CSI and so on, I never cared much for that kind of shows (I think the only investigation series I saw in years was dannish "Forbrydelsen"). So I didn't expect much from this book.

The cover also didn't seem to promise much. Although I should have taken a closer look, it seems plain, just a portrait, but there is a tension in it. The black letters are engraved into the cover.

The story is short, but intense.

Among the new Izumi's books there are two for this fandom and I love them both (in spite of real actors ^^).

To me doujinshis to shows like that, taking place in the real, contemporary world have one great advantage - characters. It's so nice to read a story where the characters aren't pirates, ninjas or superheros, don't have any special powers, don't live on other planets, space ships or alternate universes. God, it's so good to read a story about normal guys living in the real world! ^^ Don't get me wrong, I love doujinshis. But I prefer real life stories. And I would gladly read original yaoi stories, like I used to, if they weren't so horribly cliched, predictible and unoriginal, using the same set of characters, a couple of types of 'semes' and 'ukes', over and over. That's why I switched back to doujinshis. At least with characters who weren't cut out to play a part in a gay romance, weren't conceived as 'ukes' or 'semes', you can have a chance for something more interesting.

I digress, but yes, normal guys, that's my thing! XD

But on to the story. It starts slow...

Title: Numb
Artist: Izumi
Fandom: NCIS:LA
Characters: Sam, G
Genre/Rating: yaoi, R18
Scanlation: me. I did everything myself, including translation, so it's not the best one... ^^'

Download - Mediafire

You may share and repost this book but you have to credit Divine Squids as a source (a link to this community would be nice :) and keep the credit page inside the folder intact. Thank you!^^ Password: normalguys

Tags: izumi yakumo, may share but credit please, ncis:la, scanlation, yaoi
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