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The (not so) grand opening! XD

For the beginning I chose two short stories from a reprint book by Sevenstroke called "Mega" (you might know her work from "SKTK" doujinshi, a joint with Mikawaya Toufuten). The book is hilarious, it's all gags and fun, so I hope you'll enjoy it :) (well, I did :D).

Starring: Sakamoto and Takasugi (with guest appearance by Gintoki and Katsura).
Worksafe! (unless you work in a really strange place... ;)

A little summary:

First story, "The Fish and The Fisherman", in which Sakamoto tries to teach Takasugi the art of fishing. Gintoki wants to learn too ;).

Short, 2-pages winter story.

And one of my favourite ones in this book: "Hana ni mizu, hito ni ai"
Sakamoto and Takasugi are 'enjoying' a peaceful afternoon together (with Sakamoto trying to be all lovey-dovey and Takasugi being uncooperative).
Until... Sakamoto gets an unexpected phone call (his cell's ring going "Aha ha ha ha Aha ha ha ha" XD). The mysterious caller turns out to be:

Takasugi takes steps...

Download - Mediafire
Password: Oryouchan

One request: don't redistribute,please! Read the rules for details.

Have fun!

Tags: gag, gintama, sakamoto x takasugi
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