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Red rain


I don't know how about you, but in my town it's a beautiful spring day today. ^_^ Unfortunately the story I'm going to share doesn't fit such a sunny weather at all.
You can feel dissonance starting from the title:

It's "Red Rain" by Rauhreif, one of her most original stories.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Kakuzu was immortal too?
This story tells how it could go.

Remember when Hidan fought with Shikamaru? He performed his ritual without knowing it was Kakuzu's blood he just drunk and it's his partner who would be the victim. Kakuzu had five hearts, so he survived the ritual of Jashin and that gave him immortality. After that he rescued Hidan from the hole where Shikamaru sealed his dismembered body. That's the beginning of the story.

Then Rauhreif gives us a chance to see how both of them would deal with immortality. Kakuzu - resourceful and flexible, doing well throughout changing times. Hidan - terribly maladjusted, unable to live in society, ignoring its rules, rejected by the world, seems to be sinking into madness. He can't really die, but he also can't live, he can only die and die again for his god.
They part and meet again, go separate ways, but sooner or later always end up seeking for each other, because in ever changing world one is for another the only thing that lasts.

The title refers to one of the most surreal scenes from the book.

It's a harsh, bitter story, truly heart-wrenching at times. There's lot of violence, often really drastic scenes, pictured in a very explicit way. I wouldn't call it yaoi, although there's one or two erotic scenes (but it's certainly not porn).

The plot spans dozens of years, we can see Hidan and Kakuzu in a world similar to the present day, and in a world of the future. It's a really epic vision, excellently drawn, and one of the most unique stories about Kakuzu and Hidan written.

Still, I don't return to it too often. It's too sad. ^_^ But definitely worth reading.

Title: Red Rain
Artist/Circle: Inoue Yuki/Rauhreif
Characters: Kakuzu, Hidan
Genre/Rating: general, drama, yaoi; R-18 - for explicit violence!

EDIT (03.2014): The book was scanlated by lovely magnet_dance from neptise community. Thank you so much! <3

Download - Mediafire
Password: deszcz

RAW scan:
Download - Mediafire
Password: deszcz

As for me you may share and repost this book but you have to credit Divine Squids as a source of scans (a link to this community would be nice :) and keep the credit page inside the folder intact. But please check it out with Magnet Dance! Thank you! ^^

Tags: kakuzu x hidan, naruto, r18, rauhreif, scanlation, violence, yaoi
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