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Chapter CLXXVIII in which Kakuzu meets Hell's Angel! :)


I’m so late with this post, it feels like it’s after its expiration date! ;D

First, I had the translation ready like two years ago, started working on scanlation a year ago, did about 25% of the job and stuck. ^^; In the meantime the book got scanlated by somebody else - so yeah, the whole thing is a very old news. ;)

Second, the scanlation was finished in February and look – it’s already Easter May July! It took me 5 months to get myself together and post it. -_-; (Really, it feels like I’ve been working on this project FOREVER. -___- At this point I just have to post it, just to get over with it.)

Third, the story is about characters so long gone from the fandom, I guess only few people care about them anymore. When I think how long it took me to finish this project, it’s getting clear that their time has passed even for me, their faithful fan. ^^

But then maybe it’s a good book to say goodbye to them, because it starts at the end of their road: when Kakuzu dies…

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Squids change their sharing policy ;D

Hi people! :) It's been a LONG time, right?

I just wanted to make a little announcement. Times change and I decided Divine Squids should change a little too.

The change applies to the SHARING POLICY. In short: most of the SCANLATIONS I posted here MAY now BE SHARED outside this community. You can repost them anywhere you want, on condition you keep the CREDIT PAGE intact and credit Divine Squids as a source.

This rule applies to everything that is posted publicly, stuff available for members only (posts where there is a little padlock on the left side of the post's title - that means most of my RAW scans) is still not to be shared elsewhere (for now at least ^^).

I edited most of the posts in question - so you can find updated details about sharing policy at the end of each post.

If you'd like to share scanlations that were a result of cooperation (someone else is a translator), you should contact the translator about it.
That doesn't apply to "Depth of the underskin" by GD Mechano and "Home sweet home" where translation was a commissioned work, so you can safely share those two.

That's it for the serious stuff. ^^ I know I neglected this community horribly, but don't think I've given up on it! :) In fact, I'm working on a scanlation right now - something I translated a few years ago, but never finished somehow. In the meantime... it got scanlated by somebody else. ^_^; So yeah, it'll be an old news, but at least my version of it. ;D

Also for Christmas I have a tiny, totally random gift: two pics I found in some forgotten folder on my PC. They come from "Sore Ore" anthology if I remember correctly and I actually colored them myself over 9 years ago (as you see my skills were rather basic XD)! I think I did it for a Christmas gift for someone (I had a mug made with them :)).

As I said: random, but it's silly and merry, and with little stars, plus sheep and other livestock fit Christmas well. XD
So Merry (and milky XD White! no snow here yet :/) Christmas/Happy Holiday to everyone! :D
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Kyuugou Fan Day! (BOGUS celebration post ;D)


First, let me warn you that "BOGUS" is the key word in the title of this post. ^^

Let's start with the cause for celebration which is kind of... yes, bogus, since it's relevant only locally and something I guess only a few people could care about. But still I'm one of them, so there you go. Today is my Kyuugou Fan day, because I've just got the third volume of "Acid Town" in my mother tongue!
It may seem to you like nothing big, but BL market in my country is super-tiny, I don't think there is more than 10 titles issued, so if one of them happens to be by my favourite artist, well, that is something! But since it's a strictly local occassion, let me make a little announcement in Polish:

Hej, ludzie! Kyuugou wyszła po polsku!! :DD
Ci, których to obchodzi, pewnie wiedzą od dawna, ale może ktoś przegapił - "Acid Town", oryginalna seria jednej z najbardziej utalentowanych autorek doujinshi, od początku tego roku wychodzi w naszym pięknym kraju!

Jeśli Kyuugou nie znacie, to czas nadrobić zaległości, bo pani rysuje tak:

a jej doujinshi to mistrzostwo świata (polecam serię, którą zrobiła dla Gintamy, ale wszystkie są świetne).
W Acid Town wątki BL nie są może na pierwszym miejscu, ale są, historia wciągająca, z mnóstwem ciekawych postaci i zwrotów akcji, a całość rewelacyjnie narysowana i jednak zdecydowanie dla dorosłych.

Kupujcie, bo warto przeczytać i warto wspierać artystkę takiego formatu, zwłaszcza jeśli można to zrobić za nasze rodzime polskie złotówki! :D (na przykład w Gildii , ale jest też masa innych miesjc, gdzie można to zrobić)

Ok, I'm done. Anyway, I hope they won't drop this project in the middle (although it doesn't seem like it because the fourth volume is supposed to be out in September!).

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Hello, sailor! ;D


Hey, people! :D

How are you this summer? I've actually been at the seaside this year (my first real vacations in a LONG while!)! Short, but I had so much fun!

The best thing was something I found about by chance, from someone on the train when I was on the way to the place: a tall ship festival! I only caught one day of it but it was absolutely amazing! *__* (and all those handsome sailors in their uniforms were the cherry on the cake ;D)

It's all kind of off-topic, since the book I bring today isn't about sailors or tough life on the sea (unfortunately I don't have any "One Piece" book ready at the moment ;). But there seem to be some vacations on the horizon here, so let's say it's all linked. ^^;

It's the second book for NCIS:LA I scanlated after "Numb" and I must say I really like it. Probably because I still haven't watched the series. ;)

This time the story is written from Sam's point of view and the plot is much more developed than in "Numb". That may make it less intense but it's still a really nice story, with some interesting psychological insights.

Hm... Somehow I don't have much to say about it, except the fact that I like it. So this time it's your turn to do the talking! ;D As usual I'd love to hear what you think of the book!

Title: Just around the next corner
Artist/Circle: Griotte/Izumi Yakumo
Fandom: NCIS:LA
Characters: Sam, G (plus other people from the series)
Genre/Rating: serious, yaoi, R18

Download - Mediafire

You may share and repost this book but you have to credit Divine Squids as a source (a link to this community would be nice :) and keep the credit page inside the folder intact. Thank you! ^^ Password: vacation

Red flowers


First of all I'd like to apologize to people who applied for membership during the last few months - I've been on an unplanned hiatus and in fact took a break from any social media, so I kept you waiting for a while. Sorry!

Well, I'm finally back and right where I left - refreshing old fascinations. ^_^

So continuing the nostalgic mood from my last post, I bring another old story and another long forgotten pair: Haku & Zabuza.
Forgotten, but one of my favorite, as you may remember.

To be specific, it 's not one, but three stories, although so short that even put together they wouldn't make a particulary thick volume. This couple never was very popular and now, years after their appearance in "Naruto", finding a decent doujinshi with these two is practically a miracle. Anyway it took me years to gather these books.

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Old news or a long overdue update ^^' (KakuHi)


As the title says today nothing new, just a VERY belated update. Remember Kakuzu & Hidan, the infamous 'Zombie-Combi' from "Naruto"? And how about two books I posted a long, long time ago?

Well, in the meantime they got scanlated (last year actually ^^') by magnet_dance from neptise community. Thank you so much, dear! <3

Anyway, I guess most of people interested in this fandom probably got to these scanlations long time ago, but in case someone's missed them, they're here too now. ^^'

You'll find download links and more info in the original posts:

"Red rain" by Rauhreif
"Hymne a l'amour" by Shoowa